I wish to welcome you to a most profound personal journey to master regeneration via a structured educational series featuring The Regeneration Effect.



Disease [is] not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient’s body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body.”
--Hippocrates circa 400B.C.





Something truly wonderful is about to unfold this Spring, something unprecedented. We have discovered a triggering technology that profoundly and rapidly initiates The Regeneration Effect within, more than ever before.


Our three-day “How to Establish a Regenerative Lifestyle” workshops are designed for both the general public and healthcare professionals. Our experience, learn, do approach is designed to maximize your ability to practice a Regenerative Lifestyle.


·      Friday: Experience The Regeneration Effect

·      Saturday: Learn the Theory

·      Sunday: Practice and Receive Your Personal Program


All workshops are gauged to enable students to return home with clarity about regenerative healing. Students will have the know-how to establish their own daily Regenerative Lifestyle, according to their means and usual daily routines.


Throughout the event, you will have an opportunity to enjoy delicious regenerative foods.




Workshops are held near beautiful surroundings, with excellent organic meals, fresh organic juices, regenerative exercise, restive meditation, private time, walking areas, intensive hands-on class work, group discussions and Psychoneurosomatics, all designed to facilitate a mind and body process which triggers The Regeneration Effect within.


"I was fortunate enough to attend a recent 2-day RL basic training with Dr. Apsley. It was a great experience. I left with a solid understanding of the four principles obligatory to a proper RL. These principles were not explored in detail (one would probably need years of study), but were synthesized in such a way that I could get a flavor of the foundation of RL, and I love it. Dr. Apsley is a wonderful teacher. His knowledge and personal investment in this vast field is obvious... My internal experience, which revealed itself 4 days later, was triggered at that time. I know that. To say it was liberating is an understatement." Ioana


"I am very grateful for the opportunity to have attended the regenerative Lifestyle Basic training. Dr. Apsley lectured on the Four Pillars and how regeneration effect occurs. I learned how to apply each pillar in my daily routine. Pillar I was to detox by drinking structured alkaline water. Pillar II involved deep belly breathing to increase our oxygen. Pillar III was to nourish our body with super foods. Pillar IV was to be mindfully in a state of gratitude to our Maker. By doing so, the structured water would stay in its organized crystalline structure. With these simple steps, I was able to start on my regenerative lifestyle journey. On Psychoneurosomatics, I witnessed the dynamic release of deep cellular blockages from a participant. Dr. Apsley's ... coaching in this segment was superb. Many thanks for their skill and abilities. A few days later, some of my own issues surfaced. I recognized them as deep hidden blockages which should be cleared." Kathy


The Regeneration Effect program and protocol teach you how to revitalize your body from the cellular level up. This is living the Regenerative Lifestyle in a nutshell. The technique is quite simple in approach and theme: Change Out Your Body's Water at the cell and below cell level. Over the first 3 to 4 weeks, with consistent practice, the surge in energy and a sense of well-being is often astounding.


By continuing for a period of 3 to 4 months, true signs of structural and functional regeneration arise in many who find the time to simply implement a daily 55-minute program. The program can then accelerate and penetrate much deeper when students understand that their mind matters most.


After consistent practice over a full year, many of your friends will notice a striking youthfulness in you remarking that you look better than they have seen you in years. But after having practiced consistently for a full two years, maximum results will have taken from within the cell to tissue to organ levels on up.


By identifying and liberating long held traumas, we begin to access and experience higher states of wellbeing. Originally such engrained, long held traumas were known to the ancient Greek Hippocratic Method and were eradicated by a technique they discovered called enkoimisis.


Further application of enkoimisis sooner or later develops into penetrating "insights," a unique understanding into one's most inner core the Greeks called endoscopesis. As the sense of extraordinary well-being and greater and greater physical strength arise, one's life irrevocably changes. The first most inner and personal achievement is to enter into a state of deepest gratitude. Sympathic joy then arises in simply being alive, having existence. Then a natural desire to help others attain the same experience and insight arises. By having earned back this vital aliveness, one cannot help to want to serve the greater good. For the first time in many students' lives, they immerse into a true compassion state called sympathetic joy for one's fellow human beings. Sympathetic joy is one key experience for disciplined students of the Regenerative Lifestyle.


Finally, by way of continued practice, inner peace replaces our inner fountain of tensions and worries. The mind fills and fills with such a peace, pervading all four corners of the body, day in and day out. At last, the regenerative lifestyle becomes a way of life bristling with energy, wisdom and lasting purpose.



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