Mary Ann Richardson, MPH, DrPH

"I decided it was easiest to write a quick note about my limited experience with a large L.E.D. flashlight device.

I have not been actually treating individuals but must say that anyone who uses the light – seems to have a dramatic and immediate resolution, or at least noticeable reduction, of pain, inflammation and improved function. I have seen this outcome repeatedly with people and animals as well as in my personal experience.

When I used (a) small L.E.D. pen type device… when walking in Florida as my hip was hurting – it resolved immediately. This was good news as my bones were so painful and the light helped. Then using the larger device… (plus) on a PEMF device with oxygen – I was able to literally walk upstairs effortlessly – it was a dramatic effect. FYI: I was later tested for heavy metals and showed high red zone levels of lead and approaching high levels of cadmium in my system! Thankfully, chelating that has been dramatic-wow. Bottom line- no matter what you do, detoxification is the first key step!

… (T)he technology has anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine effects. The mechanism was via increase in microcirculation and blood flow, thus, improved oxygen – bringing in nutrients and eliminating waste. (Perhaps)… it is anti-aging, evident by a decrease of telomerase enzyme activity?

As I recall… the carrier wave consists of a broad spectrum of frequencies, but that is not the key. Intensity and the proprietary waveform are key - as is the delivery of the photon particles. When applied to acupuncture points, it improves microcirculation and flow rate. The principles of acupuncture overlap… - as both improve microcirculation by improving meridian health; however, this technology is much more efficient and far easier to use than acupuncture!

Personally, I have experienced immediate resolution of pain as have others.

Back pain, knee pain, hip pain – swollen legs and poor circulation related to diabetes, immobility due to arthritis…

A woman with swollen legs, diabetic and arthritic– used (a large L.E.D.) light; later in the week – she said her friend even noticed reduction in swelling of her leg and her movement was better, with less pain.

Oddly, another woman with bad knee and in pain was using (a large L.E.D.) light and felt the same immediate resolution of pain and improved mobility; she placed the light on the poodle she was holding – the old dog has a kidney condition (requiring IV fluids daily) and has arthritis – she can hardly stand steadily, much less walk around. The woman finished treating herself and was amazed – so I suggested she treat the dog. We continued chatting and eventually, she put the dog down and we continued talking – not noticing the dog.

At that point, the woman with the diabetic, swollen legs became very excited and called our attention to the dog. This dog was walking effortless around the room - it was dramatic!

Our friend in hospice had developed a very toxic skin eruption on her leg – started as red blotches, that deteriorated to blisters, and even holes in the skin– very angry and inflamed– it seems this might have been toxins from the liver which could have been shutting down as there was a large mass there. We thought she was reacting to the morphine, but even after stopping that – the condition deteriorated. I used the light on the leg – this facilitated healing along with creams, but (I was) recommended using the light on the top of the head and on the ears – to allow her to clear and release emotions. It is hard to say how that impacted her – but I will say – her transition was quick and effortless within a few days. The hospice nurse said she had never seen anything like that.

I don't understand what is happening – but this star trek type technology appears to work on multiple levels, not just the physical. Of course, the animal cases are stunning and I look forward to seeing the clinical cases. The hydrogen poising and realignment is gaining recognition – and we have the structured water and air devices coming out… I am excited to see how the technology may evolve and ultimately, help relieve suffering and improve health widely as so many people are suffering." 

Mary Ann

Mario Cardona

"My son plays soccer and hopes to become a professional player. A couple of weeks ago during practice he got kneed on the internal side of his right knee. He was diagnosed with a muscle tear on the right side of the back of the knee where the muscle connects to the ligaments.

The MRI showed no damage to the ligament, but he was in pain and could barely walk. He went to get acupuncture to get the inflammation down and has been using the (large L.E.D) light almost every day on the back of the knee.

After two weeks, he can jog and I don’t see a bruise surfacing in that area (from internal bleeding caused by the muscle tear).

He was given four weeks rehabilitation, but is looking good after just two weeks."

Mario Cardona

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