Dana F Flavin, MD, MS

ICRM Instructor & Founding Member

Born in Chicago as the youngest child of Dr. and Mrs. Byron Flavin. Both parents studied Medicine and their excellent example of compassion and devotion to duty made a lasting impression on Dr. Flavin‟s life. Her continuous education in Science and Medicine has helped her to find and improve therapies for many diseases including Cancer, Autoimmune diseases such as Graves thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis and viral diseases. She received her first degree in Psychology and Chemistry from Loyola University in 1972 and then began graduate school in Pharmacology at Chicago Medical School. After 4 years and part I of her Medical Boards, she was appointed Science Assistant to the Associate Bureau Director for Toxicology at the Food and Drug Administration in Washington D.C.

During this time she researched the Molecular Biology of Cancer and Tumor Promotion investigating the application of Translational Medicine into potential therapies for cancer. She then was appointed Science Advisor to the President of the Nutrition Foundation and began graduate studies at Howard University in Nutrient Biochemistry under the Department of Nutrition. Several years later with summa cum Laude in Nutrition she moved to Germany and began her studies in Medicine for completion of her M.D. degree in Innsbruck, Austria, including years devoted to research.

Dr. Flavin was exposed to the traumas of illness early in her life when her father suffered a stoke leaving him partially paralyzed and without sufficient health insurance. She was 15 at the time. One year later, she herself suffered Epileptic seizures following a mild brain injury. She lost part of her vocabulary and alphabet recognition. The illness was treated with heavy medication for several years until it was found to be completely cured. In spite of all this she had straight A's in Biology in High School. At age 20, she was admitted into the hospital for a breast tumor. She was told they may have to perform a radical mastectomy. It was removed and fortunately found to be benign but one of a type that could, over time, have become malignant. Nine months later, she broke her neck in an automobile accident, leaving her in a hospital bed for 6 months. She was in a stryker frame with screws in her skull to stabilize her and she was unable to move . During this time she took additional reading courses for her degree. She had a Plexiglas table made so she could read lying down, since she was unable to walk or sit up until the vertebrae were later fused with an operation and then 12 weeks in a body cast. She was greatly influenced by the suffering in the Neurology department around her in Mercy Hospital for those six months and aware of her good fortune to be able to walk out on her own without paralysis. She realized the brain cancer patients she had met would not go home. That many in a coma would not be able to lead normal lives and that those paralyzed would not walk.

This is what started her devotion to help patients with illnesses and to relieve suffering and find cures.




Innsbruck, Austria

Leopold Franzens University: Doctor of Medicine 1999

Medicine/Biochemical Pharmacology 1999

Munich, Germany

Technical University Medical School: Doctor of Medicine 1996

Washington, D. C., USA

Howard University, MS Nutrition/Biochemistry, summa cum laude 1986

Georgetown University Medical School Gross Anatomy, Honors 1975

Chicago, IL, USA

Chicago University, Finch University of Health Sciences Pharmacology, Ph.D. Candidate1975

Loyola University BS Psychology/Chemistry 1972


Medical Training Bad Heilbrunn,Germany

Internal Medicine/OncologyLeonardis Oncology Klinik 2000-2004


Berg, Germany

SurgeryStarnberg Community Hospital 1998

General Medicine Dr. Reinhard Luyken Private Practice 1993

Internal/Intensive MedicineArgirov Klinik 1993

PsychiatryRottmannshoehe Heckscher Klinik 1992



The Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research Washington, D. C., USA 2001-present

Founding Director

Flavin Pharmaceuticals, Inc Greenwich, CT 2008


Dancour, LLC Greenwich, CT 2009


IMRAC, Haus Burkstetten Berg, Germany 1999

International Medical Research & Consulting

Bristol Myers Squibb Brussels, Belgium 1999


Novartis Consumer Health (Ciba-Geigy) Nyon, Switzerland 1997 - 1998

Medical/ Scientific Advisor

New Drug research and Development

BASF Ludwigshafen, Germany 1987 - 1989

Science Consultant

Vitamins and cancer

The Nutrition Foundation Washington, D. C. 1982 - 1985

Science Advisor to the President

Food and Drug Administration Washington, D. C.1979 - 1982

Science Assistant to the Associate Bureau Director for Toxicology 1980 - 1982

Pharmacologist 1979 - 1980

Warren - Teed PharmaceuticalsColumbus, Ohio 1978 - 1979

Sales and Marketing Representative

Consultant , Science/ Pharmacology Washington, D. C.1975 - 1978

Morris And Ward Consultants 1977 - 1978

Southeast Community Hospital1975 - 1977



U. S., Patent Application Viral Hepatitis Treatment. 531,3001980

Germany, Patent Registration Combination Preparation for Viral diseases. 103 40 845.22004

Rheumabehandlung/Arthritis Treatment.Patent Pending2004



Fluent: English, German, Spanish



BASF -  Nutrients and Cancer Prevention

Novartis - Viral toxicities and Therapies

Roche Pharmaceuticals - New Cancer Therapy Development

Bionorica - Phytopharmacology and Disease Treatment

Bristol Myer Squibb - Translational Oncology

Pfizer - Mechanism or Cancer Growth and Immune Suppression



Autoimmune Disease Therapy with Natural Substances (Book). (In Revisal, copyright, 2000)

Medical Treatments and Support Therapies Developed:

Epstein Barr Virus, Hepatosplenomegalies cured in 24 - 28 hours.

HBV, Inhibition of liver toxicity,

HIV, Increase in T - cells and general health.

Asthma, total elimination of steroid needs.

Colitis Ulcerosa, Elimination of steroids and all conventional medicines.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, total elimination of steroids and other conventional medicines.

Multiple Sclerosis. Elimination of relapses, steroid needs, and conventional medicines in 99% of cases.

Lupus Erythematosus, Elimination of steroids, and most conventional medicine.

Morbus Crohn, Elimination of steroids and conventional medicines in 85% of cases.

Graves Disease: reduced antibodies (TRAb) and Thyroid values to normal in 3 weeks.

Hashimotos: Reduced antibodies 90% in 4 weeks (TPO). No more symptoms of fatigue etc.

Cancer therapies:

Cervix cancer cured in 6 months using all natural substances.

Ovarian carcinoma with plura metasases totally reduced in 3 months, accompanying therapy carboplatin and Cyclophosphamide. No side effects from chemo.

Colon cancer (adenocarcinoma) total remission, liver lung and lymph metastases gone in 3 months, CT clear, accompanying therapy 5FU. No side effects from chemo

Breast cancer with 30 brain metastases totally reduced in 10 weeks, still in remission over three years.

Acute myelogenous leukemia in total remission with chemotherapy, no side effects from chemo

Non Hodgkins Lymphoma three month reversal with natural therapies.



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