For those ready to undertake an intimate journey into truths as they really are, the core to lasting regenerative healing, I am delighted to provide you with the following introduction to our method. It is based on the original Hippocratic Method used 2500 years ago up through the early years of 1900's in modern America and Europe. It includes the traditional healing methods of all known longest living cultures studied to date, such as the Hunzacuts of upper most NW India (now Pakistan), Abkhasians of Soviet Russia, Ikarians of present day Greece, Sardinians of present day Italy, Nicoyans of present day Costa Rica, and even the longest living in present day America.

We hope you will enjoy our program and can join us soon!

“The secret to a long, prosperous and harmonious life is to know how to 'properly change your water out daily' by: (a) eating select regenerative foods, (b) associating with a healthy environment and spiritually mature friends and neighbors, (c) mastering your present mental state, and (d) purifying out forever your old self-inflicted traumas (memories of unwholesome thoughts, words and deeds).” --Dr. John Apsley


What if you knew for certain that you could spend 50 to 60 minutes at the start of your day and achieve optimal health and well-being within 3 to 4 weeks?

What if you also knew that within 3 to 4 months, the same program would significantly regenerate your mind and body and stop the aging process dead in its tracks?

Does this information excite you enough to implement a daily 50-60 minute regenerative lifestyle change? If the answer is yes, then keep reading!

People who learn and implement the lifestyle of the exuberant and very long-living can experience miracles. You can overcome the fierce tensions of modern living and start feeling vibrant and alive. We call this the regenerative lifestyle.

The regenerative lifestyle is based on insights given across 2500 years. Both the very long living and history's greatest physicians knew that precision body detoxification, select breathing exercises (O2Max), eating specific regenerative foods rich in colloidal regeneration factors (cRFsTM) and practicing mind-over-body techniques (e.g., heart-felt union (profound gratitude) with the Maker of all things), could prevent and/or rapidly heal the worst afflictions known to humankind. These are the Four Pillars that can lead you to the Regeneration Effect within.


Fixing the real underlying cause to afflictions has been orphaned by modern medicine. The Hippocratic Method taught an eclectic approach to causal healing - treat the patient, not the disease!

This eclectic system viewed humans to be composed of four elements - earth (soil), water, air (oxygen), and fire (food/fuel and heat). Superimposed upon this view of matter was the profound insight that the water element was most causal to genesis or creation of living things. We agree - we view water's quintessential role as a spiritual access vehicle, a portal delivery system designed by the Maker of all things to transmit purifying signals that dissolve affliction. Why else is water's role so intrinsic to the rights of passage observed by the world's great religions?

We know water stores signals as memory. The body is 90% water at the time of birth, and typically less than 65% when we die. By simply knowing how to change out your body's water with revitalizing water at full volume (from the cell level on up), you address the causal levels of emerging affliction and aging while maximizing your well-being.


"Psycho" (meaning mind flow), "neuro" (nerve flow), "somatics" (affecting your body) is a hands-on healing system that enables everyone to purify out past emotional, physical and chemical traumas intoxicating the body's primary storage reservoir - polarized multilayered cellular water (PM Water). In our view, the contents of this storage system are perceived as bodily sensations, either in common with a state of exuberant health, or linked directly to a debilitated state.

You see, the conventional healing arts have been captured by modern medical science's false-view that "sense door analysis" of a patient's affliction can cure the root level or cause of affliction. By sense door analysis we mean any form of analysis that requires a physician's eyes, ears, intellectual understanding, direct touch, or sense of smell to interpret what is going on in a patient. Don't misunderstand us; these forms of analysis are great for determining many of the downstream events that arise from the cause of affliction. But downstream events are not causes. As a result, modern medical science fixates on selecting treatments that can at best only manage downstream events of affliction.

PsychoneurosomaticsTM bypasses this shortcoming by dealing with the root level of mind/body contact. And this contact always - first and foremost - produces sensations. Bodily sensations are the precise and only language of causal effects relating to health and affliction.

Because your mind maintains constant contact with 100% of your body, the way to harness your mind's greatest healing power is through "tuning" into your bodily sensations in a proper way. In this manner, whether you are a healthy person wanting that ultimate state of wellbeing, or an athlete seeking optimal physical performance, or someone experiencing a debilitating mental condition, or a person who chronically suffers, PsychoneurosomaticsTM can help you create The Regeneration Effect within.

Dr. John Apsley and his guest co-instructors provide a hands-on healing approach to PsychoneurosomaticsTM. Simply stated, this unleashes - in a proper way - the mind's greatest healing power to dissect right into the most ingrained traumas. Having now properly entered into the root levels of affliction, PsychoneurosomaticsTM leads you to waters charted by the Maker of all things. By prior consistent practice of the regenerative lifestyle, your reserves to self-heal are without equal. PsychoneurosomaticsTM directs your mind into the final frontier - heartfelt union with creation's radiance of infinite love. And when bathed in infinite love, all beings heal.


Onsite RL 2 Day Workshops - Basic, RL 9 Day Intensive Workshops, RL 16 Day Advanced Intensive Workshops, and RL 23 Day Instructors’ Certification Workshop programs are augmented by enjoyable text books, workbooks & scholastic online course work. 

Starting with the RL 2 Day Workshop - Basic and culminating with the RL 23 Day Teachers’ Course program, students undergo a powerful transformational experience that incrementally locks in various stages of The Regeneration Effect within. For example, after attending the RL 2 Day Workshop and then practicing consistently the RL Basic Daily Program for just 4 weeks, few will ever again accept anything less than this optimal state of living.

RL 2 Day Workshops - Basic: Theory must go hand and hand with the practice ... Our workshops lay out all of the aspects to the four steps critical to achieve a lasting Regeneration Effect within. Every hour is designed to carefully provide both experiential and mental understanding about how the human body regenerates itself. 

Specifically, students are taught: (a) how to nutritionally “change their body’s water out daily” from the cell level on up, (b) how to select and practice simple exercises that impact the vitality of the body’s water network, (c) how a simple technique to discipline one’s own mind brings about mastery over the present moment - even during challenging mental storms, and (d) how the body stores traumatic memory, and how to clear that memory. 

Each student leaves knowing exactly how to set up the practice of a regenerative lifestyle. When they return home, they can continually enjoy greater and greater expressions of optimal well being. 

Strict moral conduct is mandatory at all 2 Day Workshop offerings.

RL 9 Day Trainings – Advanced: Our 9 Day Trainings are divided into four parts, one part for each of the Four Pillars. 

RL 9 Day Training - Advanced Detox: Student will master disciplined detoxification procedures that are easy to implement according individual circumstances.

Straight-forward procedures for: Skin Detoxification, Intestinal Detoxification, Liver Detoxification, Lung detoxification, Kidney Detoxification, Lymphatic Detoxification and Cellular Detoxification are discussed and then practiced in a step-by-step manner over the duration of the course. 

RL 9 Day Training - Advanced O2Max: Student will master maximal oxygenation procedures that are easy to implement according individual circumstances.

Straight-forward procedures for: Maximal Fitness, Lung Oxygenation, Skin Oxygenation and Cellular Oxygenation are discussed and then practiced in a step-by-step manner over the duration of the course.

RL 9 Day Training - Advanced colloidal Regeneration Factors (cRFsTM): Student will master super-nourishment procedures that are easy to implement according individual circumstances.

Straight-forward procedures for: Food selection, Food preparation, cRFsTMSupplementation, Metabolic Type identification, Body Mass Index Assessment and Constitutional Type Analysis are discussed and then practiced in a step-by-step manner over the duration of the course.

RL 9 day Training - Advanced PsychoneurosomaticsTM II: Student will master Psychoneurosomatic II procedures that are easy to implement according individual circumstances. The theme of this 9 Day Trainings was best stated by Albert Einstein, when he wrote, "Do you remember how electrical currents and 'unseen waves' were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy." 

Straight-forward procedures for PsychoneurosomaticsTM II will be discussed and implemented. The objective is simply to induce regenerative mind/body healing in real-time.

Students will have the opportunity to observe & practice (both giving and receiving) various Psychoneurosomatic™ II processes under the direct supervision of experienced practitioners. Specifically, this level of training will both assess and access the four major faculties of the mind:

  • Awareness,

  • Perception of our awareness,

  • Reactions to our perceptions and

  • Bodily sensations as they actually are.

First - we will assess the mind’s flow through the nervous system into the body in light of the above four faculties of mind. Appraisal of present mind function and past mind affliction (residual traumas) mapped to appropriate or inappropriate cell to cell, cell to tissue, tissue to organ signaling will be conducted. The student will be made aware of the fact that our cells, tissues and organs require water, specifically organized or ordered water, to operate optimally.

Specifically, water (one all-important component to the internal cellular milieu) is the common element and conduit to the mis-signaling. Water is constantly shifting from highly ordered states within cells to less orderly or even highly disordered states. This phenomenon was first visualized for the first time under nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) back in the late 1970’s. These internal watery blockages typically co-locate simultaneously within brain tissues, meridians (energy pathways), and body regions (i.e., organs) resulting in afflictions entrapped at the cellular, immunological and/or organ level.

Second - the training then provides the student with techniques which literally and thoroughly “change out the water” of the afflicted regions. Specifically, this process instantly re-establishes stress-free communication patters between cell to cell, cell to tissue, tissue to organ systems.

The result is often a quite dynamic and rapid restoration of cell, tissue and organ resilience confirmed by post-check assessment.

Strict moral conduct is mandatory at all 9 Day Training offerings.

RL 16 Day Advanced Intensive Workshops – Expert: The advanced student now has the opportunity to master regeneration. The Four Pillars are implemented in a rigorous 6AM to 9PM daily group process. On the fourth day of the ten day program, emphasis switches to "Mind Matters Most." The theme that the mind/body is composed of 80% mind and 20% body is given greatest importance. Therefore, empathic skillsets are discussed, practiced and honed in a precise and organized manner for the remainder of the retreat.

Straight-forward procedures for perfecting empathic skillsets will be discussed and implemented in a step-by-step manner. Specific instructions and experiences in novel RL healing water technologies are highlighted. The objective will be to familiarize the student with true miraculous healing while scientifically documenting outcomes.

The selection for course location will be in known healing hot spots around the world, where medically documented miraculous healings frequently occur.

Strict moral conduct is mandatory at all 16 Day Retreats.

RL 23 Day Teachers' Course – Instructorship Certification Program: The expert student now has the opportunity to become certified as a RL Assistant Instructor. 

Comprehensive empathic procedures for facilitating both personal as well as student regenerative events will be undertaken in a step-by-step manner over the duration of the course. Mastery over Regeneration Effect healing water technologies is a requisite to Instructor Certification. Instructor candidates will be required to scientifically document outcome results.

The selection for course location will be in highly facilitated residences and/or known healing hot spots around the world, where medically documented miraculous healings are known to occur.

Strict moral conduct is mandatory at all 23 Day Retreats.

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