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Brazilian Experiences of Healing With The Saints As Seen By The ICRM™ Faculty - Dr. John Apsley

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The ICRM™ teaches that soils and waters rich in Zeta-Potential or abounding in piezeoelectric, paramagnetic or high orbital energy mono-atomic (Ormus) radiating elements often support the best kinds of environments to live out our lives. This base to our food chain is what brings forth the long-living and these factors are the interface for all other healing vibrations as we see it (Einstein's Unified Field Theory, as it applies to life forms). If you will, in many ways such locations support two sides of the same golden coin. On the one side of the golden coin there are the unique waters, minerals and life forms, while on the other side dwell the community members of divine Providence.

When our earthly communities live in harmony with divine Providence, there are many events which may unfold. Miraculous healing events are one such occurrence. Exquisite manifestations and colors of local fauna/flora is another. Abundance of health and longevity, plus freedom from pestilence are other features as well.

And as has been repeatedly noted from across the world over the span of many decades, occasionally such spiritual healing hot spots are frequented by celebrations of light. These lights appear to do many wondrous displays to those witnessing the events, and may often include sensations of joy, great peace and feelings of gratitude among the folks enjoying their presence. But much more importantly, these lights are commonly on a healing mission, a mission which totally supports The Regeneration Effect within.

The healing center at Casa de Dom Inacio (called the "Casa" for short), is located in central Brazil about a 1.5 hour drive from its capital city of Brasilia. In comparison to the seasonal changes here in the U.S., the regions in and around Brasilia are inverted, meaning, our summer is their winter. However, these seasonal changes are more mild and warmer than most places in the U.S., similar to upper Florida or southern California.

For example, in May (their late Fall), lunch time temperatures may reach 85oF, and 65oF during the night. The region has a rainy season from November to March and a dry season from April to October.  The Casa lies on one side of a small town divided by a road, across which is occupied by the many simple homes of the village.

The Casa itself occupies a stretch of land rich in quartz crystal.

In a very real sense two communities join into one at the Casa; the celestial community above with our human community below. There is an understanding that since the Casa is so blessed with rich deposits of quartz crystals, that this physical property facilitates the joining of our earthly community to the one above.

Apparently the crystal bed amplifies human sense doors (our eyes, ears, nose, etc...) just enough to take physical notice of bioenergies stemming from the community above. Likewise perhaps, this piezeoelectric hot spot is thought to facilitate members of the community above with greater access to the pilgrims and our community below.

John of God, also known as Joao, serves as the Casa's director and spiritual channel for healing. Joao has many helpers and tools he employs to perform his role in the healing of the sick, which includes blessed healing water, herbs, crystals, blessed healing soup, and typically painless spiritual surgeries (true miraculous intervention) of two kinds:

(1) Invisible - spontaneous unseen surgery which is felt; and

(2) Visible - observable physical surgery performed through the vessel Joao.

On the property is a sacred little waterfall. Not large in height, the water-fall makes up for its unremarkable size by way of its precious treasures:  reputed to be healing and cleansing. Joao often prescribes for the many pilgrims wishing to undergo healing at The Casa to spend time meditating at the waterfall.

Since quartz crystals are well known for their ability to structure pure water as it flows over it, the Casa's little water fall is comprised of highly structured water to begin with. Modern science now knows that water retains memory and information which impacts life at the cell level on up. From there, we may surmise that such rare water may be rendered ideal to become "imprinted" with the sacred healing bioenergies of the helpers above.

 Not surprisingly, John of God highly recommends visitors to drink 2 to 3 liters daily of blessed healing bottled water to help complete their healing process.

Eight days after undergoing spiritual surgery (either spontaneously experienced or through the saints' direct intervention through the hands of Joao), the pilgrim is then instructed to place a glass of the blessed healing water at their bedside at night, ask for their surgery process to complete, and then in the morning give thanks or express profound gratitude for the healing received. This gratitude is directly specifically with focused intention to the many saintly beings who may have been involved in the process, or more simply to give thanks to Divine Providence.

Emerging and highly compelling scientific evidence suggests that by giving such thanks and profound gratitude this sacred healing water becomes further enhanced or facilitated. From ICRM's perspective, it is suggested that such meditations on gratitude individualize the resonances in the water to align more specifically to impact the pilgrims' own body water - the mechanism which controls cellular structure and function at the most causal levels.

Additional healing tools commonly used by the healing saints that work through Joao include:

(A) Liberal use of herbal medicines such as Passiflora. Such herbal medicines are thought to be further individualized and facilitated with healing resonances from the saintly beings. It is generally recognized that such blessed herbal remedies contribute to the specific pilgrim’s full recovery process. Therefore, such herbal remedies transform into unique, individually matched healing substances for that pilgrim.

(B) The healing saints working through Joao may likewise recommend a given individual to purchase pairs of quartz which are to be held in one’s hands while practicing specific meditations. Specifically, as given voice through Joao, often pilgrims undergoing healing are recommended to purchase pairs of quartz crystals to be held in one's hands while practicing specific kinds (plural) of meditations to amplify one’s healing abilities as well as promote self-healing.

Many pilgrims feel, see and/or hear the entities roaming about the Casa compound as they aid their healing recovery process. Many pilgrims undergo hours and hours of healing over the course of their stay. Often healing crises occur, including:

(1) Passing of tumors,
(2) Fleeting bouts of mental disorientation (mental fogginess),
(3) Internal pressures and swellings as energy becomes reorganized in the body (a process well-known to antiquity),
(4) Aches and pains that come and go,
(5) Weakness and fatigue, as well as
(6) Euphoria.

Most are asked to sleep in their private room for 24 hours after receiving an intense healing. After a pilgrim undergoes such healing procedures, they are asked to:

(A) After their first spiritual surgery only, practice complete celibacy for 40 days; and
(B) Abstain from eating pork, hot peppers (including black pepper) and alcohol, to enable the fullest possible healing effect.

I am told that initially visitors to the Casa require a guide to help them through the orderly, but intense schedule. However, as time progresses the daily activities of the Casa become more understandable to most, even euphoric and peaceful. The personal guides, however, perform many invaluable services, especially making sure that if a surgery has been verbally indicated to the pilgrim, that the pilgrim is enabled to follow-through with the hordes of observers floating about. 

The night life may include a simple walk around the Casa, recitation of the rosary, or other informal participations as you can see below, and are often accompanied by visual phenomena of colored lights.

From what I have been told, many may soon realize that their pilgrimage is not simply about a "light show" or about sensational phenomena, or even about miraculous recoveries from life long physical afflictions.

For many it is a true transformative, permanent, life-altering experience bringing forth new lasting purpose. This transformative experience is more about ‘At-One-Ment’ with Divine Providence, about inter and intra-personal healing, about letting go and forgiving of past indiscretions, and most importantly about abandoning lifestyles once and for all out of touch with proper moral conduct. Then one's new mission or purpose often becomes realized. For example, many foreigners undergoing life saving reversals to their incurable conditions take up service to the community. Such service can be volunteer work, using one's talents to get the word out, or financial contributions according to one's means. At the base to such renewed, sustained purpose is always the principles of universal moral conduct.

Proper moral conduct is simple and universal:

(I) Do not cause disharmony in speech or action - do no harm to oneself or others;
(II) Only speak and act to create harmony - do only good to oneself and others. 
(III) Serve the greater good expecting little in return. Envoke a profound sense of gratitude for your very existence and show your gratitude by your actions (actions speak louder than words).

The healing helpers from above set the example to this understanding. By their simple. self-less service to help the suffering heal - expecting nothing in return for themselves - they beckon to us to do the same by pristine example. Thus inspired, we too may find ourselves taking up selfless service according to our own means to do so.

Selfless service separates us from our selfish ambitions in life. In this manner, our lives slowly purify, becoming no longer all about me, me, me or I, I, I or about mine, mine, mine. One is soon left with real mind purification, since such self-less service trims away at one's image of self-importance or ego. Hubris has never improved how the world goes round and round, yet we forever cling to it as if our world depended upon it. Hubris and A-One-Ment to divine Providence cannot go together.

Neither can hubris and real love go together. For the first time folks can come to the realization that real love is all about the selfless service of fostering another being's spiritual growth, without expecting anything in return.

All long-lived cultures I have studied know this gem of wisdom well.

Among the long-lived and essentially disease-free cultures from around the world, this kind of conduct and spiritual joining has always translated into being a humble and proper steward to the soil and the environment, to one's own family, neighbors and indeed one's entire community.

It is easy to live in harmony with such forces of the Light when they do most of the work. But furthermore, their work must remind us of our true heritage and inspire us to continue on in this healing journey when we return home!

Being enlightened on the mountain top is typically a short-lived experience. Going into the depths of the valleys of civilization and holding the line by remaining in harmony with divine Providence as we carry on our daily routines is quite another feat altogether.

Your sacred temple holds many of the keys to this proper understanding, as anyone having successfully traversed a significant healing crises or two will attest.

The Regeneration Effect is our birth right, but we must earn it every day and in essence become the source of the Light as intended by divine Providence. By treating our body as a sacred temple, a sacred gift, we thus begin our journey to earn our way back to The Regeneration Effect. And by abandoning our hubris in stages, we may eventually complete our journey on the most successful 'note' imaginable.  


Practicing the Four Pillars to perfection will serve you well in this purpose, as well as linking yourself back to your origin by proper understanding of divine Providence. Come and join us in our educational adventure of a lifetime! Contact Lindan@DrApsley.com when you are ready.

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